AI Code Generator

Nicol's Code Generator

This is AI Code Generator made by Nicol. You can make AI script easily without knowledge of AI script syntax. (Japanese version only)

Beta version NCG ver0.97
Note : This tool may have many bugs because of beta version.

System requirements
OS Windows XP
Required DLL Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime library
Resolution More than 1024x768
Install Unzip downloaded file and copy files to your directory.
(It's not writing registry)


Main screen


Rule is added by clicking icon on toolbar left side.

There are 4 rules at Figure.1 and selected 2nd rule.
The listbox on right side is rule conition settings.

Condition(Fact) input window


Condition input window is opened by clicking "New Fact" icon on right side of Main screen.

AI script Preview window


If you press F4 key at main Screen the review window open. you can confirm generated script.

AI file generating dialog


Select menu [File(F)] -> [PER file generate...(P)] and the dialog open and click start button and starting to generate AI file.